Hope Misterek


Hope Misterek is a fashion, beauty, product, prop, and set stylist working on editorials, advertisements, and commercials in New York City.

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The Roots are Gray

People who know me, know what that statement is about. They either get to see the top of my head a lot at work, while Im bending over, kneeling down, or even just standing tall at 5'1'', they can see that my roots are truly coming in gray. I often let my hair grow out to an unruly and untreated mane which I consider sort of my I don't care about fashion attitude. But the statement is also about how long I have been styling now. Yesterday, I found myself giving a bit of instruction on how to lace a shoe according to the clients standard. I have laced thousands and thousands of shoes (some of which is because I have tons myself; Im a self proclaimed shoe addict) because of my field of choice...stylist. I have taught many how to do it and yesterday was a repeat lesson for one more....