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Hope Misterek is a fashion, beauty, product, prop, and set stylist working on editorials, advertisements, and commercials in New York City.

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Are You Straight Laced?

Some strive to be the best. Not all, but some. And in doing so, we find we must rely on looking to popular opinion, acceptance, comparisons, measures, references... 

In the world of art, not that I think that in every literal sense of the word that Styling is a form of art (although it does require a level of creative artistry and vision), is there really a right and wrong which there can be bests or worsts? 

There are absolutely those rules of thumb, beliefs and repetitive nature of certain things that make us feel that there are some things that look right or more comfortable. But, those standards change and often become stale. 

A friend of mine said today, he looks at those who have access to everything and is less impressed with what they can create than with those who have limited availability of resources...that that is where creativity is born. I have to agree. Sometimes through lack of choices, we create a new look, a new way because we have no other option and find it somehow works pretty well, or maybe is so unusual it is interesting and even daring. Classic tastes would say it is wrong or maybe inappropriate but open, trendy mindsets would view it was fresh, interesting, exciting or maybe even inspiring.

Where right is right and wrong is right; in art appreciation-all comes from personal taste. 

We should all learn to speak of our evaluation of art at this level...our personal taste compared to references of measure and wrong or right. 



art/photography by Joel Peter Witkin of cadaver head in which beautiful perfect elements symbolizing life contrast a peaceful decapatated cadaver head old masters style- makes you want to look at all the detail, analyze and contemplate the beauty and contradiction

The Eye Must Travel

Always as stylists, we are working to present items in a beautiful, inspiring, aspirational way...to make a potential viewer look further and perhaps even influence them to buy, adopt an idea or style or even dream of a lifestyle. 

In a product lay down, we work to arrange an eye catching array of colors by considering what colors play well side by side, how colors that naturally recede or come forward get played up or minimized, how fabrics lay and drape and what features are key to show details of in order to make a selling shot of a yummy assortment of texturally appealing hues.